June 11, 2016

33rd Annual Pratts’ Frog Level Festival

We are having a great time this morning in the Pratts community. A newcommunity center mascot, Jeremiah the Bullfrog, was unveiled. He will nowbe the centerpiece of the Pratts Community Center Park. This is the 33rdannual Frog Level Festival

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June 8, 2016

Senator McMahan Tours Milwaukee Tool Facility

Senator McMahan works in the manufacturing industry. He works hard to help create and promote high tech manufacturing jobs. He toured Milwaukee Tool this week. Did you know that machinist atMilwaukee Tool can make up to $26.00 dollars an hour plus benefits. Buy American when you can and especially Mississippi products.

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May 18, 2016

Senator McMahan Visits Saltillo Elementary School

Senator McMahan is continuing his Public School listening tour throughoutSenate District 6. Today he visited with Saltillo Elementary School 4thgraders. Thanks Mrs. Paris Osmundson for the invitation to visit 4thgraders. “Thumbs Up Guys. Great questions today.”

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May 12, 2016

Senator McMahan Visits Verona Elementary School

Senator McMahan visits Verona Elementary School and is greeted by energetic and eager second graders. Senator McMahan stressed the importance of reading. He emphasized thatin his opinion, reading is the most important skill and subject in elementaryschool. “The students asked a lot of questions. We talked about government;different types of government. We talked about the responsibilities andseparation of powers in …

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May 10, 2016

Senator McMahan Visits Tupelo High School

I toured the largest Public High School in the state today. The school services the needs of a little over 2,000 students. Thank you Tupelo High School Principal, Jason Harris, for the tour. I was extremely impressed with the facilities and staff. Did you know that you can take 20 A.P. (Advanced Placement) classes at Tupelo High School and receive …

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May 2, 2016

Senator McMahan Tours Mueller Industries

Elected officials including Governor Bryant met in Fulton today to discuss possible expansion plans at Mueller Industries. A bipartisan group of legislators and government officials toured the facility and took note of the major capital investments made in Mississippi by Mueller. Mueller is a world leader in the production of copper tubing and copper products and is a vital economic …

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April 28, 2016

Senator McMahan Tours Baldwyn City Schools

I toured Baldwyn City Schools today with administrators, educators, and managers of Toyota APMM. We are attempting to facilitate programs for Baldwyn graduates who may choose to be certified and ready to enter the workforce for the high-paying, certified, technical jobs in Lee County and the surrounding region.

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