While serving you as a state Senator, it’s been a priority to support our great public schools in Northeast Mississippi. I happen to represent four great districts, Baldwyn City Schools, Lee County Schools, Itawamba County Schools, and Tupelo City Public Schools.

After discussing the bill and a possible strategy with the four superintendents, educators, and families I represent, this week I sponsored an amendment in an ESA Account bill to strengthen public schools and return ESA dollars to the public school systems if a student or family returned to their home public school district.

This article accurately portrays the intent to support the ESA bill and our Public Schools.

Full article:

Mississippi Senate to Keep Private School Money Through 2024 | Mississippi News | US News

In addition, I voted for a bill to increase teachers salaries with a $500 check each year which will be issued in December. This is a step in the right direction and will be beneficial to our teachers and their families.

We have great public education in Northeast Mississippi and I’m proud to stand up with our region and invest in public education.

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