As your Senator from District 6, Chad McMahan pledges to focus on the issues that are important to you and to work to bring about positive change for the residents of this region. Of all the issues facing us today, Senator McMahan believes there are several that require immediate attention.


Senator McMahan is fighting to bring more jobs to Mississippi. His goal is to make Mississippi the most job-friendly state in the nation.


Common Core has significantly impacted our school children, and it has created an environment of distrust between school officials and parents.  Many teachers are frustrated with the implementation and strategies of the Common Core standards in the classroom. Parents distrust the program because they do not understand its goals, methods, or results. This is a formula for disaster. Education must be the priority. We may need to go back to the basics as we work together to develop curriculum that can be implemented efficiently and academically sustained. Education is best maintained at the local level.

Public Employee Retirement System (P.E.R.S.)

P.E.R.S. should be managed by the ten member committee responsible for the fund’s management, growth, and disbursements. Some lawmakers have attempted to manipulate the fund and limit its capacity to meet the needs of our retired civil servants.

State employees pay, and have paid for many years, into the program and have earned the ability to access the full benefits of the program.  As long as the fund is solvent and stable, Senator McMahan does not support any adjustments to the fund.


States Rights are the Peoples Rights. Senator McMahan believes the people of each state have the right to govern themselves. State and local officials live and work on a daily basis with the people. They know the needs of the local communities.

Private Property Rights 

Senator McMahan supports private property rights. He has emphatically stated that private property rights is a cornerstone of our republic. Senator McMahan will continue to fight for and defend private property rights.